Inverted Icons

Enamel plates, accurately named “inverted icons“, present the portraits of more or less important personalities. However these portraits only achieve their full colours where they are overlaid by the words „I don’t believe you anymore“. The rest of the picture still holds out until it can be developed as an illusion of nature for the human eye. Who ever talks in these subversive subjects still remains in a status of questioning. Considering the expected look of the viewers it is quite imaginable that this message is put into the mouths of the personalities or even into their faces – wryly enough, the first level of reception during the production of art is the artist soliloquising.
Or completely differently, it is all about a line of ancestors of worn-out know-it-alls, whose credibility has been absorbed by the tide of history and our everyday lives. We almost tend to go along with this second alternative.
Hartwig Bischof