Linguistic Turns at tonART Gallery, Vienna

Exhibition dates: November 11 to Dezember 10, 2004

Introductory words by Christian Reder, Head of the Centre for Art and Know-How Transfer/University of applied Arts Vienna

The term ‘linguistic turn’ describes a paradigm shift within the humanities. Instead of being understood as a precondition and constant, reality is viewed as a construct of language. Linguistic turns, the title of this exhibition, singles out one specific, occasionally quite unreal, aspect of reality. It addresses art, in the present case, by constructing it by means of language’s pictorial dimension. Endlicher executes his “linguistic turn(s)” by making uncompromising use of text where one might expect images, be it in form of linguistic panel paintings (Kritikbilder/Critical Paintings), contemporary devotional paintings (Votivbilder/Votive Paintings), cabbalistic number plates (Dramenbleche/Metal Dramas), or confessional mirror objects (Moralspiegel/Moral Mirrors). Text in the form of art-critical quotes, as four-letter words, is juxtaposed with numeric letter-values and used as a formulaic vow; text is painted, stencilled, impressed, and etched. For once, it is the word itself that has the last word and not the painting.
(press release)