Kunsttexte from inside

Litany #8, Health

I live without exaggerating.

I am Gerhard Richter.

I am Joseph Cornell.

I am who I am

I am a hard-drinking artist.

litanies #4, #5

I believe one cannot do without belief.

I am totally calm.

I am not intimidated by images.

Votive Paintings 2.0

What images will appear by confronting sense with non-sense?

automagic mirroring

Words as a personal therapy for the everyday?

When language turns over

Linguistic panel paintings, contemporary devotional paintings, cabbalistic number plates, confessional mirror objects.

Metal Dramas: The Principle

Alliances of words, determinate and arbitrary at the same time.

Manifesto: Critical Paintings!

Painting is not dead, it has just started to smell.