About Endlicher's Video "I am Gerhard Richter"

"Michael Endlicher's memorable piece, I am Gerhard Richter strikes me as both homage to the artist's inescapable influences—and an exorcism of them. That is, a desire to acknowledge (consume) the weight of history and, at the same time, be rid of it (eliminate). I consider Endlicher's title in this light, and think of the Dresden-based work of Gerhard Richter's called Atlas: A world on the shoulders of the artist. In this sense, there is an egoism about the piece that is striking, and yet at the same time, a powerful ritualized acceptance. Moreover, given the theatrical lighting, one is tempted to recall a Greek bust, and its references to the Oedipal imperative to (at least metaphorically) 'kill' the father."

Victoria Hindley is an US-american artist and writer.