Christoph Urwalek: It’s the poetry, stupid!

A frayed out art in the words of Adorno.

Victoria Hindley: About Endlicher’s Video "I am Gerhard Richter"

There is an egoism about the piece that is striking, and yet at the same time, a powerful ritualized acceptance.

Birgit Rinagl: "Photographic Type Faces"

Coincidence of image rhetoric and the visual appearance of language

Lucas Gehrmann: Herr Meneutik, ein plurifakter Künstler

The situation is serious for art and the artists ...


Language as a ferment of the internalization of relations of power?

Hartwig Bischof: Super-ego and you

Whoever speaks on Endlicher’s inverted icons, these sharp-edged authority graters, stays suspended in a status of questioning.

Martin Prinzhorn: Bilderschriftbilder

Seen from a historical perspective the use of script in the visual arts stands at the same time for and against abstraction.

Christian Reder: Linguistic Turns

Reflecting a process of searching, finding, comprehending.

Simon Crutchley: Morrissey, Wittgenstein, Einstein, Endlicher.

Facilitating love is the most honourable task of them all.

Elke Krasny:
The Last Word

The practice of theory overflows into the practice of art production as such. A relationship defined by mutual reflection.

Brigitta Höpler:
The perennial question of the image

How "reliable" is a word?