Super-ego and you, text on Michael Endlicher's exhibition at Kühlraum/Sabotage Films, Vienna

(Im)possible Links between Image and Text

Whoever speaks on Michael Endlicher’s inverted icons, these sharp-edged authority graters, stays suspended in a status of questioning. It is quite imaginable that this message is put into the mouths of the personalities – or better into their faces –wryly enough the first level of reception during the production of art is the artist soliloquizing. Or completely differently, it is all about a line of ancestors of worn-out know-it-alls, whose credibility has been absorbed by the tide of history and our everyday lives. One almost tends to go along with this second alternative since the demand “I have to change my life” on two light boxes stands out on the remaining negative from the “natural” colouration of images from a thunderstorm and from a desert. In the light box „Infinite Growth“ a flowery meadow springs up into colourfulness and opulence which overcomes the aesthetic of grayscales from the early age of photographic reproducibility still apparent on the margins and in the interstices, yet for the sake of the legibility of the linguistic expression it still remains dependent on it.

Hartwig Bischof, typographer and constructor of sustainable images, Vienna